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Tips for forklift safety

Tips for forklift safety talk


Forklifts have made moving heavy material more efficient, but they can also expose the operator and those around them to a significant safety risk.

Below are some simple tips to avoid common hazards when using a forklift:

  • Always perform a pre-operation inspection.
  • A forklift should only be operated by a trained, competent person.
  • Never let someone operate a forklift who is not qualified to drive.
  • Always wear a seatbelt while operating and use 3 points of contact when entering and exiting.
  • Never attempt to pick up more than the rated capacity of the machine.
  • When picking up a load try to place the forks so the load is square, and make sure the material that you are carrying is secure and won’t fall off during travel.
  • When carrying a load, always face the destination of travel and keep a sharp lookout for low overhead obstructions.
  • Travel with the load lowered and move slowly, signaling with the horn when unable to see around corners or if path is obstructed.
  • Know whether the forklift is battery-powered, uses propane or another fuel source and refuel according to the manufacturer’s manual guidelines.
  • When traveling backward always use a signal person to assist.
  • Do not carry a passenger on the forklift.
  • Be careful around loading docks to not go near an open ledge.


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