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Refuse Collection Awareness Safety Talk

Refuse collection awareness safety talk


Work that requires driving a large vehicle, making frequent stops (with busy foot and vehicle traffic at times) and getting in and out of the vehicle has obvious risks. Refuse collection workers must be extra cautious and always have heightened awareness when operating or riding in a truck.

Safety during travel:

  • Employees should always wear a seat belt when the vehicle is in motion
  • Workers should ride inside the vehicle with door closed until vehicle has come to a complete stop or on approved rider steps only
  • Rider steps should not be used between locations where speed may jump to greater than 10mph
  • When using rider steps be more alert to any obstacles that may contact the rider
  • All employees should be in the vehicle when backing unless specifically spotting the driver
  • When backing turn off all background noise such as radios
  • Workers should be well rested and hydrated (perform an internal health check before hitting the road)

Be aware of surroundings:

  • Cell phones should not be used while operating truck
  • Constantly check all mirrors and cameras for any obstacles or people when operating truck
  • Ensure backing alarms are working properly each day
  • When using a spotter use standard hand signals and stop immediately if the spotter changes positions
  • Employees should wear high visibility gear to be easily spotted


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