Industries We Work With

We’re proud to serve the businesses that keep Oklahoma running.

The work that you do every day comes with unique risks and requires specialized skills. Your workers’ comp provider should understand those risks and provide support, protection, and guidance to help you and your workers stay safer.

For more than eight decades, we have honed our industry expertise to meet the distinctive needs of Oklahoma businesses. We think that it’s just easier to work with people who understand your business.


Staying safe on a construction site requires attention to detail. Our history of helping to protect workers in the building field is unmatched.


Farm and ranch work has inherent hazards. We’re ready to help you safeguard your farm with top-of-the-line coverage and free resources.


Oil & gas work makes Oklahoma’s economy tick – but petroleum work has unique risks. We’ve got the experience to support you.

Delivery services are in higher demand than ever. That great demand presents a need to keep workers covered on the go.