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Insurance for Plumbers

Plumbing work requires plumbers to engage in hazardous activities such as dealing with heavy equipment and environmental risks. Oklahoma plumbing businesses need workers’ comp coverage from a provider that understands the industry’s unique hazards.

CompSource Mutual has worked with Oklahoma plumbing businesses for the better part of a century – as a result, CompSource knows how to get business owners the support they need to stay safer on the job.

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Interested to learn more? Read on to get answers to common questions and concerns about workers’ comp in the plumbing industry.

Hazards of working as a plumber

Although plumbers are frequently seen performing less risky tasks like fixing leaky pipes or clogged drains, the industry presents complex, less obvious risks.

Plumbers may work on jobs other than residential homes, including repairing industrial pipes; working in large commercial settings, such as massive boiler rooms; and maintaining pipes in dangerous places, like open trenches. Being a plumber can include different work environments, depending on the type of plumbing that you do. This is why insurance for plumbers is critical, just as it is for any other high-risk job.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupation of plumbing is categorized alongside other general maintenance and repair jobs. This category includes workers like painters, machine repair technicians, and floorers. Injuries and accidents that commonly occur among these job types are, sprains, strains, slips and falls, or object strikes.

Plumbing has some specific hazards due to the nature of working with liquids, steam, and pipes.

  • Working in confined spaces – Pipes are usually found in small, rarely used areas of a building such as: crawl spaces, areas between floors or walls, air ducts, or boiler rooms. These areas frequently have poor ventilation and may not have safe levels of oxygen for breathing. Oxygen scarcity can be a major hazard for plumbers who work in these spaces.
  • Loud noises – Clanging pipes can carry volumes that damage hearing abilities over time. Wearing ear protection such as earplugs can significantly help prevent hearing loss due to loud work environments.
  • Exposure to mold – Leaky pipes often lead to moisture, which can cause mold to grow. Plumbers also frequently work in areas that are humid and conducive to mold growth. Mold can cause respiratory damage if inhaled, so protection and care should be used when working in these areas. 
Known risks in Plumbing:
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Lifting injuries
  • Material handling strikes
  • Cuts and burns
  • Chemical exposures
  • Machinery injuries

Why a plumbing company needs insurance for plumbers

Many plumbers work as independent contractors, which means that they may qualify for exemption from carrying certain types of insurance that large companies with employees might, such as workers’ compensation insurance. But plumbers who work as employees for a company can be covered under their employer’s insurance policies, including workers’ compensation insurance for plumbers. Owners of plumbing companies, frequently carry insurance for plumbers due to state requirements.

Workers’ comp insurance is helpful when employees have accidents, injuries, or fatalities at work. Employee safety is critical in general maintenance and repair work because safer work practices can prevent injuries before they occur. Plumbers are exposed to workplace hazards on a daily basis. If an employee becomes sick due to mold exposure or suffers a wrist sprain from repetitive movement, workers’ compensation helps to support that employee while they receive medical treatment and recover. Typically, an injured or ill plumber should not go to work, as they might further injure themselves or perform poorly at their jobs. Supporting employees with workers’ comp insurance for plumbers is not just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do to protect one’s business as well.

Understanding workers’ compensation insurance for plumbers

Here’s what business owners need to understand about the premium costs of workers’ comp insurance for plumbers:

  • Total employee payroll
  • Job type or industry
  • Mod rate

Workers’ comp premiums are priced per $100 of employee payroll. The other factors that go into a business’s premium are the industry in which the company does business, and the experience modification rate – all affect what the total “per $100” rate will be. This means that the higher the payroll, the higher the premium will be.

Business owners should also be familiar with the “class code” of their business type and the job-specific risks in that business. Class codes are categories of specific industries and job types that are identified by a set of numbers. Most industries have many different class codes for all the different jobs in that industry. In Oklahoma, for example, there are three main class codes for plumbers and plumbing-related jobs: plumbing supply manufacturers, plumbing supply dealers, and plumbers. Plumbing technically falls under the construction category. However, there are different codes for pipe fitters, sewer cleaners, steam pipe workers, and more. When acquiring a new insurance policy, your insurer will ask you a series of questions to help determine the correct plumbing workers’ comp code. This helps to properly classify a business according to its unique risks.

Class codes are important because they reflect the level of risk for a particular job. This affects the amount the business owner will pay for their premium. A workers’ comp insurance company like CompSource Mutual can help owners navigate these class codes.

The mod rate, or experience modification rate, is another metric by which an insurance premium is calculated. Unlike the class code, the mod rate for workers’ comp insurance is specific to a business. It is calculated using estimated and actual data from a company’s workers’ comp claims. For example, if a company has numerous workers’ comp claims – that is, there are multiple work-related accidents or illnesses at the company – the experience modification rating will increase, making the premium higher. Conversely, if a company shows fewer claims than expected year after year, the mod rate could go down and lower the premium.

Why CompSource Mutual

CompSource Mutual can help you navigate the ins and outs of workers’ comp insurance for your plumbing business. Understanding mod rates and class codes can be tricky, and we are here to make sure that the process is seamless and easy. At CompSource Mutual, we understand why keeping a safe workforce is so important. With more than eighty years of experience, we are well-equipped to support you with industry expertise and help you find the right policy for your business. Connect with us today at 800-347-3863 or request a quote.

Independent contractors in most states are not required to have workers’ comp coverage. However, if the state determines the employer/independent contractor work relationship is an employer/employee one, businesses may face penalties, and be required to provide coverage.

If you own a plumbing business, you will need workers’ comp insurance for your employees. You may also wish to carry other forms of insurance for your employees, like health insurance. You may also carry insurance that can protect your business, such as liability insurance and equipment insurance.

You need to get in contact with your workers’ compensation insurance company directly. Requesting a certificate of workers’ compensation to show proof of your insurance is a common request that should be easily granted, as long as you are a current policyholder.

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