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Workplace Safety

Workplace safety Most employers are required to follow some safety guidelines to keep their employees safe. In some states, this…

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Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety “Safe jobs are no accident,” according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This…

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Workers’ Insurance

Intro to workers’ insurance Many types of insurance are considered mandatory. For example, most automobile owners must carry insurance on…

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Workers’ Compensation Modification Rate

Intro to experience modification rates In an effort to offer coverage that’s right for unique businesses, insurance carriers use mod…

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance Costs

  Understanding workers’ compensation insurance Insurance coverage is a critical protection. Insurance types include auto insurance, health insurance, and homeowner’s…

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Workers’ Compensation Disability

Workers’ compensation and disability Workers’ compensation benefits are paid out to an employee after an injury, illness, or fatality in…

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Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Intro to workers’ comp for employers Workers’ comp is a type of insurance that supports employees and businesses in the…

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Intro to workers’ insurance Workers’ compensation benefits can be valuable for both employees and companies. Workers’ compensation insurance can include…

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Workers’ Comp Payments

Workers’ compensation insurance costs Workers’ compensation insurance is required for most businesses with employees. This type of insurance ensures that…

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Workers’ Comp Impairment Rating

What is a workers’ comp impairment rating? An impairment rating is a rating that represents the whole-body impairment of an…

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Workers’ Comp Fraud

What is workers’ comp fraud? Fraud occurs when one party intentionally or knowingly deceives another party in a way that…

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Workers’ Comp for Employers

Work compensation laws in America Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in most states, but regulations can vary widely. The majority…

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