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Insurance for Electricians

CompSource Mutual has been Oklahoma’s trusted source for electrical industry workers’ compensation coverage for the better part of a century. As a result, we offer unmatched expertise in protecting electrical businesses according to their unique risks. 

Let us help you protect your business from the electrical industry’s inherent dangers. Our Oklahoma-based team will help you get coverage that makes sense for the hazards in the work you do. Get a Quote 

Interested to learn more? Read on to get answers to common questions and concerns about workers’ comp in the electrical industry. 

Insurance for electricians

Electrical work is integral to building construction. The U.S. Bureau of Labor categorizes electrical work under “construction and extraction.” The expertise of electricians is necessary to construct every level and type of building, from small residential homes to massive commercial structures like airports. They work both indoors and outdoors, in cramped spaces and at great heights, alone and with crews. The job is varied and typically requires a license or a qualifying apprenticeship. In sum, electricians are valuable workers whose labor is critical to the way we live and work in our society. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the majority (65%) of electrical workers are employed by electrical contracting companies or other wiring installers. Only a small percentage are self-employed (9%). As a result, this means that many electricians are protected by their company’s work compensation policy. This is critically important for electricians, as their jobs have significant risks; in 2020, 126 people sustained fatal workplace injuries due to exposure to electricity. While this does not necessarily mean that all of those injured people were electricians, it does indicate that working with electricity can be dangerous. Statistics like this highlight the importance of carrying reliable workers’ comp insurance for electricians.

Types of electricians 

There are many different types of electricians, each with varying levels of education and specialization.

One way to categorize electricians is by level of education.

  • An apprentice electrician works under the supervision of a higher-level electrician.
  • Upon taking a qualifying test, the apprentice electrician may graduate to a journeyman electrician, which means they may work without supervision.
  • The highest qualification level is master electrician. This education level usually means working a specified number of hours, passing a test, and doing other certification work.

Electricians may also be categorized according to the kind of electrical work they do. There are a number of specializations, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Auto
  • Highway Systems

It’s possible to break these categories down further, as there are also wirepeople (electricians who work with wires, like the ones that run through homes or office buildings) and linespeople (who work with high-voltage power lines).

The level of detail and expertise required to become an electrician is truly impressive. Electricians complete many hours of training and education to do their jobs, including courses on electrical work safety.

Workplace risks for electricians

In addition to the ever-present risk of electrical shock, electricians are also exposed to more everyday risks that may hamper their abilities to do their jobs and can lead to missed days of work. For example, electricians may develop musculoskeletal disorders, such as back strains and carpal tunnel syndrome. These types of injuries develop over time, sometimes over many years. If the worker can prove that their job required them to do repetitive movements—for example, using handheld power tools or making repetitive wrist motions—then that worker could potentially file an injury compensation claim for their medical bills and other costs associated with that injury. Carpal tunnel workers’ comp claims are fairly common among electrical workers.

Known risks in Electrical:
  • Electrical shock
  • Falls from heights
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Burns
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Material handling injuries

This last type of injury can occur when small explosions—made from improper electrical connections—cause bits of nearby material to fly into the air. For this reason, electricians should always wear protective eyewear. These everyday risks are simply part of the job of being an electrician, making insurance for electricians an important part of running a business.

Workers’ compensation for electricians

Because many electricians are employed full-time, they are likely covered under their employer’s workers’ compensation policy. While there are some exceptions, most states require that companies provide workers’ comp insurance for their employees, including insurance for electricians.

Providing electrical workers’ comp is critical for any construction or installation company. Electricians are highly qualified employees whose certifications, expertise, and specializations make them hard to replace. Companies need to ensure that their workers are protected from financial hardship in the event of a workplace accident or injury; doing so can help ensure a smooth and successful return to work.

Why CompSource Mutual

With CompSource Mutual, employees and employers can rest assured that they will be fairly compensated for their medical bills and missed wages if they are injured while completing covered work duties. This peace of mind leads to higher employee retention and can make for a happier workforce. Oklahoma electrical companies can protect their employees with coverage from CompSource Mutual – Oklahoma’s premier workers’ compensation insurance provider.

Oklahoma employers can visit our website – CompSourceMutual.com – to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Request a quote to get protected.

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance is usually based on the payroll of the company buying it. The formula is usually the specific insurance rate, multiplied by every $100 of your company’s payroll. Also included in this formula is the employee type and the company’s past claims history. This means that larger companies will likely pay more for workers’ compensation coverage, because they probably have larger payrolls and/or more employees.

Workers’ compensation for electricians is obtained by the company the electrician works for, and provided by a workers’ compensation insurance carrier, and should cover medical bills, physical rehab, missed wages, and other medical costs associated with workplace accidents and injuries. But in addition to this type of insurance for electricians, self-employed electricians and companies that employ electricians may also carry their own liability insurance, which can provide protection from lawsuits, or property insurance, which can protect tools/equipment.

Workman’s comp is also known as workers’ comp, or workers’ compensation. It is a type of insurance that is required for many businesses to carry, depending on the business’s state of operation and industry type. This type of insurance covers an employee’s medical bills and other costs if the employee is injured or becomes sick due to work-related duties. 

Check out our “What is Workers’ Comp” page to learn more.

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