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Workers' Compensation Insurance Claims Process

After CompSource Mutual is notified of a workplace injury, an adjuster is assigned to the claim. The dedicated claims adjuster serves as a central point of contact. Within 24 business hours, the adjuster normally contacts the employer, the injured worker (if appropriate), and the initial medical provider.

Step 1: Complete Your Claim

The information needed to complete your claim will vary between incidents, as each injury is different. To start, claimants should have the following basic information available:

  • Has or will the employee miss time from work due to the injury?
  • Where did the employee go for treatment and what is the address and/or phone number of the treatment facility?
  • Was an accident report filled out? If so, a copy must be provided to the adjuster. Send accident reports to claims@compsourcemutual.com.
  • Were there any witnesses and did they fill out a witness report? If so, a copy must be provided to the adjuster.
  • Contact information for the supervisor the injury was reported to.
  • Is light duty available? Who is the contact to follow up with for status updates?
  • If the injury was caused by a third party or someone else could be liable, be sure to take pictures and keep any equipment for CompSource to investigate.
  • Be prepared to submit payroll records if the injured worker is taken off work or light duty cannot be accommodated.

Step 2: Care Coordination & Return-to-Work

The claims adjuster will coordinate necessary medical care for the injured worker and provide return-to-work updates to the employer as needed. This early involvement facilitates effective resolutions and lowers claims costs. You can count on your claims adjuster to guide you through the process until the claim is resolved.

While your claim is being set up, you may complete the injured worker prescription form to obtain a 10-day supply of prescribed medication following initial treatment.

Not sure where to send your injured employee?

Contact ConsultCare, our 24/7/365 nurse advice line at (855) 310-5448 for help. You can also search for doctors and pharmacies in our network.

Have questions about a claim?

Contact us at (800) 347-3863 or claims@compsourcemutual.com.

File a Claim

It is important to report claims promptly following workplace incidents. When CompSource Mutual’s claims staff begins managing your employee’s care early, we can coordinate the appropriate care and aid in a safe and successful return to work.