Having an injured employee and filing a workers’ compensation claim can seem a little overwhelming, but our claims adjusters are Oklahoma experts. With more than 70 licensed workers’ compensation claims adjusters, we take pride in knowing the market better than anyone else. Our adjusters know where to find the best medical care and the ins-and-outs of Oklahoma workers’ compensation law – it’s what we do every day.

To ensure a fast and efficient claims response for everyone involved, report employee work-related injuries immediately after seeking reasonable and necessary medical treatment.


Helping you get the best medical care after your work-related injury or illness is important to all of us at CompSource Mutual. We have a vast Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which is a network that includes hospitals, physicians, urgent care centers, laboratories, radiology centers, home health care and more – their commitment helps underscore ours with lower costs.

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Injured Workers

No one ever plans on having a workplace injury. However, you can rest assured knowing CompSource Mutual is the workers’ compensation insurance provider for your employer. We will assist you in receiving the necessary medical treatment to get you safely back to work.

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Report an Injury

Notifying CompSource Mutual of a workplace injury can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Receive Treatment

Receiving treatment immediately after the injury occurs is crucial to the healing process. CompSource Mutual wants to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Return to Work

Following a return-to-work plan can help you get your employee back to work quickly and safely, boosting employee morale and saving money. CompSource Mutual can assist our policyholders in creating a return-to-work plan.

Claim Closure

Once your employee is back to work or another arrangement has been agreed upon, we work with you and the employee's medical provider to settle the workers' compensation claim.


If an employee is injured out of state, what benefits will CompSource Mutual pay?

If an employee’s contract of employment was entered into within the state of Oklahoma and the employee is injured or suffers occupational disease while temporarily working out of state, the employee may elect to file a claim in the state where the injury or occupational disease occurred. In this event, CompSource Mutual will pay the employee benefits as required in that state. In the absence of such election, the claim should be filed in Oklahoma and CompSource Mutual will pay benefits as required by Oklahoma law.

If I don’t think a claim is work-related, should I file the claim?

Yes - reporting a claim does not imply you agree that it was work-related.  When you report the claim, indicate that you question that it was work-related.