Premium Billing & Payroll Reporting

Premium Billing

Our team is here to provide assistance and options for you when it comes to billing.

Options to pay your premium:

  • Money order
  • Wire transfer

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

To pay by credit/debit card, call our Cashier’s department at (405) 232-7663, ext. 5109 or (800) 347-3863, ext. 5109.

Payments can be mailed to PO Box 269021, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-9021, or delivered in-person to CompSource Mutual’s Cashier’s department.

CompSource Mutual’s billing department can explain your premium charges, give you a balance or answer questions at (405) 232-7663, ext. 5105 or (800) 347-3863, ext. 5105.

Payroll Reporting

Payroll reports are required in order to evaluate the appropriate risk level for your business and measure against the original estimate.

Payroll reports must be submitted by the due date listed on the report of each month, even if the payroll amount is zero.

Options to file payroll reports:

For questions about payroll reporting, contact CompSource Mutual’s Billing department at (405) 232-7663, ext. 5105 or (800) 347-3863, ext. 5105. You can also email us at