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How To “Ring Test” a Grinding Wheel

When using a grinder, performing a ring test is a must! The safety talk provides step by step instructions to…

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Abrasive Wheel Equipment Grinder Checklist

Click the link below to review a safety checklist for abrasive wheel grinders with information pulled from the OSHA website.

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Monthly Safety Training Agenda for Auto Repair

Deciding what topics to train employee’s on each month can be overwhelming. The attached document provides a guide for year…

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Prevent Heat Illness at Work Poster from OSHA

Click the link to view a helpful poster from the OSHA website on Preventing Heat Illness at Work. Poster: Prevent…

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OSHA: Heat Illness Prevention

Visit the link below on the OSHA website to learn more about heat illness and how to prevent it. OSHA:…

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OSHA: Heat Exposure

Visit the included OSHA link to learn about heat related illness and how to deal with it. OSHA: Heat Exposure

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Heat Stress: Heat Related Illness (NIOSH)

Visit the CDC/NIOSH website for detailed information and education on heat related illnesses. CDC/NIOSH Heat Stress: Heat Related Illness  

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The Hazards of Energy Drinks

Workers often use energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull for a quick “pick-me-up.”  When selected in place of…

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Overhead Crane Daily Inspection Checklist

Implementing a daily inspection checklist will ensure that equipment is maintained and in good working order. See attached document for…

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Eye Wash Station

According to OSHA, about 90 percent of occupational eye injuries can be prevented by wearing the right safety glasses, goggles,…

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Proper Lifting of Tires

Tires and wheels weigh on average, about 70 pounds which makes safe handling important to avoid sustaining multiple injuries. One…

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Hydraulic Lift Safety Talk

Hydraulic lifts are one of the most common tools in an auto repair shop. Lifts are used numerous times throughout…

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