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Staple Gun Safety Talk

Staple gun safety talk

Staple guns are a common tool used in many fields. They can be operated as manual, electric and pneumatic. Each type needs unique and special care taken regarding use and safety.

Personal protective equipment to be worn with any staple gun:

  • Safety glasses should be worn any time a staple gun is in operation
  • Ear protection should be worn when using pneumatic tools
  • Gloves should be worn that fit well and provide dexterity as well as protection from penetration

Safety tips for operating a staple gun:

  • Never walk with finger on the trigger
  • Leave safety features and guarding in place; do not remove or pin back
  • To load staples, disconnect from power and ensure trigger lock is in place if provided
  • Ensure staple strip is inserted straight and has no bent or protruding staples
  • When stapling material use a clamp or other equipment to hold material in place while stapling instead of hands
  • Never hold the tool by the cord or hose
  • Keep the staple gun pointed down away from the user or others
  • Do not wear loose gloves or clothing that could get caught between the stapler and material
  • Be aware of hoses and cords so as not to create a tripping hazard
  • If the stapler becomes jammed, ensure that it is disconnected before clearing or cleaning the tool
  • Refer to manufacturer guidelines for operating pressures to be used

Choosing the right staples for the job being done is imperative as they must be able to penetrate the material being stapled and could ricochet if not selected properly. Inspect staple guns before each use for loose screws, fitted caps and ensure that the tool is clean and in proper condition to operate.


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