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Safe Driving Apps for Smart Phones

Safe Driving Apps for Smart Phones

Technology is such a big part of our lives today. Along with that are apps that are growing constantly in popularity and use. There is an app for just about everything, including apps to assist with safe driving. Continue reading to see some of our picks and details for each.

How do safe driving apps help?

They perform a function or have a feature that encourages and assists in being a safer driver. Some have capabilities to eliminate phone distractions while others track or motivate safe driving behavior and more. With a simple download, one of these could help with becoming a safer driver.

  1. NHTSA: SaferCar

Features: NHTSA SaferCar app brings the national standards that they set for automobile safety right to the user. Once downloaded the user enters their VIN number and any other car products used such as car seats, tires, and equipment. When SaferCar discovers a recall, it will send an alert to the mobile device. There is no limit to vehicles or additional items that can be added. Also, the app will point the user to a local dealership handling the repairs.

  1. Mentor by eDriving

Features: Mentor by eDriving features coaching to improve driving habits. Users will be measured and scored on their driving behaviors. They will receive in-app tips to correct unsafe behaviors. A score is given following each trip which is developed by FICO with key insights on areas for improvement. It measures factors such as speeding, phone use, hard breaking, and sudden acceleration. It provides trending charts and comparisons with those the user is connected to. They also have short interactive coaching clips that are sent straight to the user based on driving habits.

  1. Drivemode

Features: Drivemode activates once a car reaches 15mph. It puts the phone into handsfree mode. This allows all calls and messages to be sent using voice commands. There is also a “Do Not Disturb” feature which blocks all incoming calls and messages and gives the user the option to send an automatic reply. This app can pair automatically with Bluetooth, track driving behaviors and send personalized recommendations based on the data. It also allows integration of many common apps with one simple interface.

  1. OnMyWay

Features: OnMyWay is an app that activates when the car starts moving. It tracks whether the driver’s phone is locked while driving. This cuts out any distraction or temptation to reach for the device. Activation starts once the car is going over 10mph. A bonus with this app is that the user gets rewarded for using it in cash and gift cards.

  1. Drive Safe

Features: The Drive Safe app turns on automatically to silence a phone when the car is in motion and shuts off when the user leaves the vehicle. It has the capability to send automatic replies to incoming callers and has an emergency mode. If the driver receives three incoming calls from the same caller Drive Safe shuts off and the call will come through. It works with Bluetooth which is enabled when the car starts moving.

Find the one that works…

There are many safe driving apps available. These are just a few. Explore them in the app store by searching “safe driving app”. Each app will meet different needs, so look around for the right fit. In some instances, there are similar apps provided by the cell phone carrier or a safe mode that can be activated to perform these functions found in the settings of each phone.


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