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Planer safety talk

Planer safety talk

Planers are used to make relatively straight and flat boards thinner. They come in different sizes but work the same. The thickness can be adjusted on the machine as well as the speed in which the board is sent through. This is based on how clean the cut is that needs to be made.

Safety in preparation to use a planer:

  • Always wear safety glasses to protect eyes from flying debris and wood particles
  • Even with the machine off never reach hands into the planer as blades are exposed
  • Set depth of cut before turning on the machine
  • Check material being used to ensure that it is at least 12” in length and ½” thick
  • Material should have no large cracks or knots to prevent kickback

How to safely use a planer:

  • When running wood through the planer stand to one side in the event anything is kicked back out
  • If material becomes lodged the machine should be powered off and unplugged before troubleshooting
  • Never change the depth of the cut while the machine is cutting
  • Never plane more than 1/8” of wood at a time
  • Always plane with the grain of the wood
  • Do not look into the throat or opening of the planer while it is running


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