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HVAC: scissor lifts

Scissor lifts can be a great alternative to using ladders on a job site, they can save time as well as provide a safer
means to reach heights. However, they have their own set of risks and can cause serious injury if an employee
has not been trained or if the equipment is misused.


Working from a scissor lift:
– Do not move the scissor lift while extended; bring the unit to the lowest position before traveling
– Ensure there is a safe distance from any electrical lines while on the lift
– Rope or tape off a safe work area to ensure the safety of others while the unit is in operation
– Always stand on the base of the platform; do not use the railing, ladders, or other means to gain more height
– Know the capacity of the unit being used and be sure not to exceed it
– Ensure the ground is level and look for any holes or obstructions in the work area

Maintenance of the equipment:
– An inspection should be done on the equipment before each use
– Report any issues or damages seen during the inspection; and address them before operating
– Test all operating controls before use including brakes

Training employees:
– Each employee that operates or works from a scissor lift should have appropriate training and consent
– Never operate equipment while under the influence; consult a doctor for the use of any medication while
operating the equipment
– Assigned personal protective equipment should be worn while doing work from a scissor lift such as a hard hat,
safety glasses, etc.

Fall protection:
– Ensure the lift has appropriate guardrails in place and that they are in good condition
– Never tie off to other structure or poles outside of the lift


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