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Livestock Safety Checklist

Livestock safety checklist


Loading and unloading
Yes No N/A Unloading chutes in good condition
Yes No N/A Rails and flooring in good condition
Yes No N/A Unloading is being supervised by company employees
Yes No N/A Unloading procedures are being followed by truck drivers
Yes No N/A Drive-through gates are being closed by every driver
Yes No N/A Signs posted regarding non-acceptance of downed cattle
Yes No N/A Signs posted with unloading procedures
Yes No N/A Employees aware of escaped cattle emergency procedures, i.e. close front gate
Yes No N/A Employees are not entering trailers, but pushing cattle from the outside
Yes No N/A Other:
Yes No N/A Other:
Horseback use
Yes No N/A Green horses used
Yes No N/A Riders running horses unnecessarily
Yes No N/A Rope use restricted to escape cattle only with no other means to retrieve
Yes No N/A Saddles and tack in good condition
Yes No N/A Horses in good condition and properly equipped
Yes No N/A Other:
Yes No N/A Other:
Hay barn
Yes No N/A Hay bales are neatly stacked to prevent falling
Yes No N/A No sign of smoking, i.e. cigarette butts
Yes No N/A “No Smoking” signs posted and observed
Yes No N/A Good housekeeping procedures followed
Yes No N/A Fire extinguisher is available and charged
Yes No N/A Other:
Maintenance shop
Yes No N/A Flammable liquids are properly stored and kept to a minimum
Yes No N/A Welding equipment is properly stored, securely chained with valves closed
Yes No N/A Equipment such as bench grinders, table saws, drills, are properly guarded and proper personal protective equipment used properly
Yes No N/A Bulk flammable storage tanks properly grounded, bonded, diked and protected
Yes No N/A Flammable storage tank hoses in good condition with auto shut off
Yes No N/A Other:
Corrective action
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