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Livestock Distraction Checklist Safety Talk

Horses, cattle, pigs and sheep will balk and refuse to move if they see distractions, something as simple as a shadow could be to blame. If an animal won’t move, survey the area and look for these possible distractions:

  • Sparkling reflections on puddles
  • Reflections on smooth metal
  • Chains that jiggle
  • Metal clanging or banging
  • High pitched noise
  • Air hissing – should be silenced with mufflers or piped outside the facility
  • Air drafts blowing toward the animals
  • Clothing hung on the fence
  • Piece of plastic that is moving
  • Fan blade movement when the fan is off
  • Movement of people nearby
  • Small objects on the floor (a coffee cup)
  • Changes in flooring and texture
  • Drain grate on the floor
  • Sudden changes in the color of equipment, bright colors tend to cause more distractions
  • Entrance is too dark; animals will move from a darker place to brighter place, however, keep in mind they will not move toward light that is too bright
  • Animals may balk at one-way and backup gates
  • Install the gates two to three body lengths away from the crowd pen
  • Equip one-way gates with a remote controlled rope so that they can be held open when moving single file


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