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Jobsite ergonomics safety talk

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Ergonomía en el lugar de trabajo

Many trades can pose various risks regarding ergonomics. Workers must do extensive labor with hands, material handling, bending, pulling, etc. Taking appropriate precautions in day-to-day activity is key to preventing musculoskeletal disorders.

Potential ergonomic hazards:

  • Excessive exertion or stress from using hand tools, power tools, and other various equipment
  • Holding or working on components overhead or in a bent position; sometimes for an extended period
  • Lifting and transporting material by hand on the job site
  • Pushing, pulling, and rolling equipment to reposition
  • Cutting and trimming material

Ways to address these hazards:

  • Try to avoid high-vibration tools; take frequent breaks and reposition when needed
  • Report poor performance of tools or those in need of repair
  • Use extension tools or machines rather than handheld or manual processes, when possible, to alleviate unnecessary strain
  • If an extended period is spent kneeling use knee pads to ease pressure
  • Take micro breaks when necessary; rotate between tasks to avoid repetition
  • Use a forklift or cart for material handling when possible
  • Team lifts when lifting devices are not feasible



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