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Crushing and Pinch Point Injuries: Refuse Collection

Crushing and pinch point injuries- Refuse collection

Refuse collection workers are at risk of pinch point and crushing injuries daily due to the many moving parts on their trucks. We will discuss some of the key areas to be aware of.

Gates and chains:

  • Keep hands positioned safely and utilize tools to dislodge anything from the gate or latch
  • Ensure all safety devices are in place before operating such as chains, pins and latches
  • All gates must be locked out with appropriate safety arms and tools should be used for any clean out

Lifting bed or unloading container:

  • Avoid leaving the truck box in the air, putting excess wear on hydraulic equipment
  • Always ensure the truck is blocked with an approved device before accessing the area between the truck and bed
  • When containers are being unloaded or lifted ensure no personnel or people are in the area
  • When possible do repair work with dump bodies lowered
  • Ensure all structural arms are in place and any securement devices
  • When parking the vehicle at a facility or for maintenance wheel chocks should be placed


  • Do not access the hopper area unless the machine is shut off completely and has been locked out
  • Once shut off use tools to dislodge items from the hopper
  • Ensure door is shut and latched properly before powering equipment


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