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Torching and welding safety talk

Torching and welding safety talk

When doing torching or welding activities on a commercial roof, employees should have working knowledge about equipment, housekeeping practices, as well as fire prevention.

Torching and welding equipment:

  • Ensure safety relief valves on cylinders remain unobstructed
  • When not in use a safety plug should be in place for each cylinder valve
  • Inspect all compressed cylinders for defects before use and always secure to prevent tipping
  • Place torch and hand held welders on stand when not in use
  • Inspect all hoses to check for any wear or tearing before use
  • A regulator should be used any time torch or welding equipment is being used and all connectors should be leak tested before use
  • Light torches with a spark lighter not with cigarette lighters or matches
  • Do not leave torch connected to the cylinder when finished using
  • Use walk behind welders when possible over handheld to reduce strain

Fire prevention:

  • Know the expectations of the company emergency preparedness plan and follow them if a fire occurs
  • All rooftop mechanical equipment should be disconnected and removed prior to these activities
  • A charged fire extinguisher should be within easy access during these activities
  • Good housekeeping practices should be maintained on the jobsite with debris and flammables removed before beginning
  • Natural gas service lines should be removed prior to torching; be alert to natural gas odor
  • Shut down all rooftop mechanical units and remove filters as they pose a fire hazard
  • Only torch areas that can be seen and never leave a torch lit unattended
  • Gussets should be applied at internal and external corners to prevent flame penetration

Protective clothing:

  • Long sleeve shirts and pants as well as work boots should be worn made from non-synthetic materials; clothing should be made of wool or cotton
  • Wear leather work gloves with sleeves overlapping them
  • Safety glasses should be worn as well


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