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Horse Handling in Stockyards Safety Talk

Horse handling in stockyards safety talk

Horses can be a tremendous help when it comes to livestock management when handled properly and carefully. They are also large and powerful animals that can cause injury given the wrong circumstances.

Check for all appropriate gear before riding:

  • Wear appropriate protective clothing such as boots, long pants
  • All equipment such as saddles, bridles, bits etc. should be inspected for and kept in good condition
  • All equipment should fit the horse comfortably
  • Ensure that stirrups are fitted to the rider properly
  • Saddle cloths should be checked for foreign material such as burrs

General riding safe practices:

  • Riders should assess all riding areas and pay close attention to gate cap height; only riding under those with enough clearance
  • Extra caution and time should be taken any time wet and slippery conditions are present
  • Green horses should not be allowed in the work area
  • Running horses should be avoided wherever possible
  • Avoid rope use unless necessary with no other way to recover
  • A horse should only be ridden if in healthy condition and with proper equipment
  • Cell phone use should be prohibited while horseback to eliminate distraction
  • Riders should only adjust equipment on the ground and remain alert and in a place of control while mounted

Each rider and horse should be evaluated for skill and control prior to working in the yard.


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