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First Aid Readiness Safety Talk

Here we will talk about the basics of being prepared when it comes to first aid. It is important to be ready and have knowledge of appropriate steps to take before treatment is needed. First aid care or temporary assistance should be provided until medical personnel arrive onsite.

Areas to consider ahead of time:

  • Make it a point to understand the companies’ policy and procedures when it comes to providing first aid.
  • Walk through the steps that will need to be taken if an injury occurs beforehand, keeping primary goals in mind; sustaining life, stopping further injury and supporting recovery.
  • Know where first aid kits and equipment are located, inspect, and refill them regularly.
  • Know ahead of time where emergency contact numbers are located.
  • Learn the most common medical conditions and injuries occurring in the industry and for the specific company.
  • Be prepared with location information for emergency medical services.
  • Become familiar with what is available in the first aid kit and with various equipment that may be used.

When an injury occurs:

  • Notify someone to call emergency medical services where needed or do so if there is no one else at the site.
  • Survey the area for any remaining danger and work to determine what caused the injury prior to approaching; is there still a hazard in the area?
  • Once the area is deemed safe the injured person can be approached.
  • Determine the injury and what caused it if possible.
  • Do not move the injured person.
  • If the scene is safe and training has been provided on administering first aid, it can be given at this time, and should be continued until medical services arrive.
  • Always stay with the injured person until help arrives.

When first aid is provided ensure that proper personal protective equipment is worn, and appropriate precautions are taken to keep everyone safe.


This article is provided solely as a reference tool to be used for information purposes only. The information in this article shall not be construed or interpreted as providing legal or any other advice. The information material does not amend the provisions of any insurance policy issued by CompSource Mutual. It is not a representation that coverage does or does not exist for any particular claim or loss under any such policy. Coverage depends on the facts and circumstances involved in the claim or loss, all applicable policy provisions, and any applicable law.

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