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Environment and surroundings: Community action

Environment and surroundings- Community action

Many incidents are the result of being unaware of the surroundings. Proper awareness can often reveal unsafe conditions, acts or practices. Therefore, each employee having good safety awareness is critical to maintaining a safe work environment for all employees.

To do so let us look at some areas of focus below:

  • When loading or unloading, take note of anything going on around the vehicle keeping track of individuals, cars or animals moving in the area
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures without taking shortcuts
  • When exiting or entering the vehicle use handrails for support
  • Report any hazardous or unsafe conditions to management immediately
  • Watch for uneven surfaces or ledges around the vehicle and especially when stepping out
  • Be aware of any loose animals in the area that may pose a threat
  • Before re-entering the vehicle, check all sides to ensure it is clear to proceed
  • Report any incidents immediately to management
  • Watch for ice or wet patches that may cause a slip
  • If assisting individuals out of the vehicle, park with room to do so safely
  • Keep vehicles clean and clear of trash or debris


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