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Home health checklist: slips trips and falls

Home health checklist slips trips falls

  • Wear durable, closed-toe, non-slip sole shoes. *During client bathing, wear rain boots with a non-slip sole for superior traction.
  • If available, use a non-slip bathmat just outside of the tub/shower. This will aid in minimizing the chance of the client slipping on the wet floor.
  • Be conscious of area weather and any potential wet or icy conditions outside.
  • Scan for clutter on the floor, such as clothes, electrical cords, boxes, pet toys, etc.
  • Be aware of the presence of any pets, such as cats or dogs that may enter your walking path without notice.
  • Identify any restricted spaces due to furniture or other objects.
  • Be observant of changes in ground/floor elevation, such as a step or ramp. Use handrails if available.
  • Look for signs of liquid, grease, or other slick materials that may be on the floor. Clean and dry the area immediately if present.
  • Watch out for frayed carpets or rugs that are bunched up or rolled at the edges. *Use double-sided tape to secure rugs if the client grants you permission to do so.
  • Turn on interior lights before entering dark rooms and turn on exterior lights prior to exiting the home.


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