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Avoiding Burns in the Kitchen

Avoiding burns in the kitchen safety talk

There are plenty of opportunities for burns in a kitchen. Moving slowly and taking appropriate precautions can help prevent these types of injuries.

How to prevent burns in the kitchen:

  • When handling hot items use oven mitts rather than picking something up with a hot pad. Mitts protect the front and back of the hand, especially when reaching in between hot items like pulling something from the oven.
  • Never touch something to determine if it is still hot. Assume surfaces that get hot such as stovetops are always hot.
  • When cooking in pots, open lids away from the face to avoid the path of the hot steam.
  • Be very careful when pouring hot liquid such as soup or draining pasta. If necessary, transfer small amounts at a time by dipping the liquid out until it is a manageable amount to pour.
  • Hot liquids should not be mixed in a blender as they can splatter causing burns.
  • Wear long sleeves and use lids and splatter screens to control hot grease.
  • Ensure pot and pan handles are not sticking out into the walkway where they can be knocked off the stovetop.
  • If cooking in a fryer basket, fill no more than halfway.
  • Ensure potholders are dry before using.


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