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Diaper changing table safety, childcare

If you work in an infant or toddler room, an essential part of your job is changing the diapers of the children in your care. This task should be done safely to prevent injury to yourself or the children.

When performing diaper changing duties consider the following:
• Always wear gloves while changing diapers
• Wash your hands after each diaper change
• Sterilize changing tables after each diaper change by spraying with a 10% solution of bleach water or other approved
disinfectant; note that bleach water must be made fresh daily since it loses its potency as a disinfectant after 24 hours
• Employees should be responsible for mixing disinfectants according to manufacturers’ instructions
• Keep disinfectants out of the reach of children
• Never leave a child alone on a changing table
• Have diapers and wipes ready and your gloves on before placing children on changing tables
• If children are mobile, changing tables should have steps to allow children to climb on and off the table to avoid lifting them
• Changing tables should be at heights where adults can comfortably use them
• Keep diapers, wipes, gloves, and disinfectants within easy reach
• When your task is complete, remove your gloves and wash your hands thoroughly


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