Safety Talks

Slip/trip/fall prevention: office safety talk

Slip Trip Fall Prevention-Office

Personal Awareness

  • Make a conscious decision to be mindful of your environment.
  • Distracted walking
    • Do not talk/text while walking.
  • Look out! Scan your path ahead to identify and avoid hazardous conditions.
  • Strive to maintain your body weight evenly distributed over both feet while walking.
  • Avoid quick changes in direction.


  • Wear closed-toe, non-slip sole footwear.
  • Avoid wearing flip flops, high heels and flats. They are generally flimsy, provide minimal support and typically have slick soles.
  • Wear ice cleats if walking/working on icy surfaces cannot be avoided.

Flooring/Walking Surface

  • Be aware of potentially slick walking surfaces such as tile flooring or painted surfaces which may be slippery even during dry conditions.
  • Take extra caution when walking on surfaces with a change in elevation, such as sloped floors, steps or stairs.
  • Use handrails on stairs to maintain 3-points of contact.
  • Reroute your walking path as needed to avoid icy or wet conditions as much as possible.
  • Do not forget to dry your feet at the entry of a building.
  • Follow wet/slippery floor warning signs.
  • Report hazardous flooring/walking surface conditions to your superior.

Stepstools and Ladders

  • Always maintain 3-points of contact while on a ladder.
  • Only use stepstools with a handrail to maintain 3-points of contact.
  • DO NOT use a chair or other object in place of a stepstool or ladder to work at heights.
  • Place large/bulky/heavy materials on lower shelves to avoid climbing with them in hand as much as practicable.


  • Maintain walking paths free of materials (both solid and liquid).
  • Schedule routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure your work area is well-organized and free of hazards.
In addition to being available via phone, email and online, CompSource Mutual offices are open.
Please keep these tips in mind when visiting.