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Equine Leading Safety Talk

It is critical to practice leading a horse consistently, and gradually build on successful training. Haltering cues should be reliable….

Conveyor Safety Checklist

When working around conveyor belts, it is important to ensure proper machine guards are in place to protect employees from…

Tow Strap Safety

When towing or recovering vehicles, tow straps should be used, but they can pose potential risks if not used correctly….

Compress Gas Cylinder Handling

Compressed gas cylinders present some particular hazards which can be the source of serious injuries. Keep in mind that the…

Concrete Mixer

Power mixers are a necessity for many jobs to ensure a uniform mixture of material, speed, and reduction in labor…

Masonry Saw

The use of a masonry saw can save time and produce cleaner cuts on block, bricks, tile, or other materials….

Temporary Traffic Control Devices

Temporary Traffic Control Devices Temporary Traffic Control Devices (TTCDs)  Workers and motorists face different hazards. Some hazards workers face are…

Crane Inspection Checklist

In construction the use of cranes is necessary to move heavy equipment. The attached checklist will provide guidance for ensure…