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Workplace violence safety talk

Workplace violence

Workplace violence is a recognized hazard and is defined as any act or threat of verbal or physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at the workplace. It can affect and involve workers, clients, customers and visitors.

Tips to identify impending violence:
• Verbal expressions of anger or frustration
• Body language such as threatening gestures
• Signs of drugs, alcohol or medication usage
• Presence of a weapon

Behaviors that assist in diffusing anger:
• Present a calm, caring attitude
• Do not match threats
• Do not give orders or demands, ask the person politely
• Acknowledge the person’s feelings (i.e., “I know you are frustrated”)
• Avoid any behaviors that could be mistaken as aggressive

Know specific company procedures when in a workplace violence situation and call 911. Get professional help on the way as quickly as possible.


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