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Trucking: Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can have many sources whether visual, audible, manual or a mixture of these. Distractions can vary based on the degree of attention required, the frequency of the disturbance and how long it lasts.

Common types of distractions:

• Electronic device use
• Drowsy driving
• Reaching for something in the vehicle
• Daydreaming/not focusing on the drive
• Adjusting air/radio/GPS
• Interaction with others
• Reading

How to avoid distraction:

• Avoid cell phone use while driving and if possible turn devices off before heading out
• Hands-free devices still require focus, multi-tasking and can be a major distraction; splitting attention
between the next turn and a red light or pedestrians can be costly
• When possible pull off to a safe place to check electronic devices and make calls
• Keep conversation with passengers light; a passenger can aid in being more alert and attentive to the trip, however, avoid intense/emotional conversation while driving
• Always pull over to eat and drink or for a needed rest
• Don’t attempt to read, write or watch videos while driving


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