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Tractor rollover safety talk

Tractor safety talk

Rollovers are a leading cause of tractor fatalities and can happen in the blink of an eye.  There are two types of rollovers, a rearward rollover and a sideways rollover.  A rearward rollover occurs when a tractor flips toward the rear due to actions such as accelerating too quickly on an incline or being over loaded in the rear.  A sideways rollover can happen when a tractor turns too sharply or is operated on too steep of an incline.  The wider the wheel base of the tractor, the more stable the tractor.  In either type of rollover, a crucial piece of equipment that can mean the difference between life and death is a Roll-Over Protection Structure (ROPS).  ROPS are operator protection structures, usually forming the cab or cab frame, on a tractor.  The Roll-Over Protection System, which includes the structure and proper seat belt use, can eliminate nearly all fatalities caused by rollovers.  If you have an older tractor model that does not have a cab or frame, a ROPS can be retrofitted to your tractor.  There are many companies that provide engineer-certified Roll-Over Protection Structures for purchase and installation.


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