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Stockroom Safety Tips

Maintaining a well-organized, neat, clean stockroom does not happen accidently. If you work in a retail environment such as a store, convenience store, or even a warehouse, keeping the work area clean and tidy goes a long way in preventing accidents.

Remember these tips to keep the stockroom clean and accessible:

*Set up storage units

Installing a shelving or rack system to place boxes and products on will help maintain clear aisleways. The unit should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of items stored on the shelf. Be sure to secure the unit to the floor to avoid tipping over.

*Store items on shelves according to weight and frequency of use

Placing lightweight boxes or products on the upmost shelf will prevent severe injuries from falling overhead items. Place items used most often on shelves between waist and shoulder height. Use pallets or crates on the floor to keep the product from sitting directly on the floor.  Be sure to adhere to the shelving’s weight capacity.

*Keep aisleways’ and exits free and clear

A neat and clean work area eliminates fire hazards and ensures easy access to exits in case of an emergency. Adopt a clean-up as you go policy to keep trash and debris from collecting throughout the workday. Check periodically to ensure that exit doors are not blocked.

*Create a plan for safe inventory retrieval

Store step stools, ladders, dollies, pallet jacks, or forklifts in a designated area so they are easily accessible when needed.

*Implement temperature control measures

A controlled temperature by A/C or fans prevents moisture buildup that exposes materials and goods to mold or mildew. Providing airflow in the stock room also prevents fatigue among workers.

*Create a work culture where safety is #1

When onboarding a new employee, make a point to discuss the expectations for working safely in the stock room. By establishing a workplace culture where everyone is responsible for safety, employees feel empowered to hold each other accountable for their actions.


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