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Step stool use in childcare

When reaching for overhead items, it is best to use a step stool or step ladder. You should avoid taking shortcuts such as
standing on chairs or standing on bookcases or other classroom items as it could result in serious injuries.

When using stepstools or ladders be mindful of these tips:

• When possible, store items where staff can easily reach them

• Do not stand on tables, chairs, or counters to reach overhead items; furniture and cabinets are not designed for
standing and could break or tilt over easily

• Store stepstools and ladders were they are accessible

• Be mindful of the manufacturer’s guidelines concerning the established weight limits

• Select the right stepstool or ladder for the height you need to reach

• Inspect stepstools and ladders before each use; if defective, remove the equipment from service and notify your supervisor so it can be replaced

• They should have non-slip strips treads

• They should be locked in position before using

• Wear closed toe, rubber-soled footwear; do not use barefoot

• Before use, take notice of the floor to be sure it is clean and free of any debris that might cause the footing to be unstable.

• Return equipment to storage after use to prevent children from playing on it or accidentally tipping it over onto them Stepstools and ladders are necessities in daycare and childcare facilities.

Workers need to be mindful when using a ladder or stepstool to take care of themselves and those around them.


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