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Working Around Horses Safety Talk

When working in close proximity to horses there are several things to consider to stay safe. Be aware of these safe handling practices to prevent potential serious injury.

Moving Safely Around a Tied Horse:

  • The safest option for walking around a horse is to stay approximately 15 to 20 feet away and out of the kicking zone
  • Avoid moving between a horse and a hard place and potentially being crushed
  • Never pass under the neck when tied
  • Be aware of the horses feet placement as they can be careless of where they step
  • When inspecting horse hooves, ensure feet are out of the way when placing the hoof back on the ground

Remember when tying a horse that it should be to something secure and stable. The height of the object should come to the base of the horse’s neck.

Approaching and Catching a Horse:

  • Be alert to the blind spots directly in front of and behind a horse and do not approach from them
  • Always speak calmly to let them know you are coming near
  • Take into account other animals in the area and their affect on the hose being approached

Always be alert to warning signs. These could include laying their ears flat, a lot of tail movement or a lowered head moving side to side. Their eyes can also convey whether or not they are calm and accepting. A horse with eyes wide may be showing signs of stress.


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