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Slip, trips, and falls trucking

Slip trips and falls trucking

Slips, trips, and falls are the highest occurring injury across all industries. This is no different for a truck driver. Something as simple as getting into and out of the cab of the truck multiple times a day increases these odds. A simple misstep could lead to a serious injury. Here are some tips to avoid this common injury.

Loading dock safety:

  • Ensure that lock devices are in place each time before beginning to unload at a dock
  • Be mindful of marked and unmarked walkways, barriers, parking and doorways that might be a trip hazard
  • Make sure any available dock barricades are in place on edges of the dock; if not available, note the areas and avoid getting too close
  • Do not take part in dock jumping which can lead to knee, ankle and back injury
  • Ensure that dock plates or boards are in good condition and are intended for the load amounts that will be used


  • Ensure docking areas have good housekeeping with no excess tripping hazards
  • Do an inspection of truck/trailer floors before loading or unloading
  • Watch out for areas of concern such as oil spots, broken pallets, debris and loose or missing handrails; quickly pick up/clean the area if needed before loading or unloading

Three points of contact:

  • Be sure to have three points of contact with feet and hands when entering or exiting the cab or trailer
  • Use designated railing and steps when doing so
  • Use the three-point rule when climbing onto a tarped load as well, when possible use a fall restraint system


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