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Roofing electrical safety talk

Roofing electrical safety talk

Electrical safety is not an initial thought that comes to mind when we think about roofing safety. However, it is a very critical one to consider.

Below are some helpful tips for roofing worker regarding electrical safety:

  • During initial site inspection, it should be noted if there are any high voltage lines on location.
  • If power lines are on location a set plan should be established for safely working around or shutting down the energy.
  • Ladders used should be made of wood or fiberglass material.
  • If it is determined that a safe distance from lines will be kept instead of shutting them down be alert to activities that could contact the lines such as placing a ladder or scaffolding, even carrying metal material such as flashing.
  • Minimize the use of extension cords and do not overload outlets.
  • Electrical equipment used on site should be properly grounded and double insulated.
  • Avoid wet areas with electrical equipment use.
  • Any heavy equipment used on site should be kept safety back from power lines.

High voltage electricity can jump to a conductor without direct contact. Low voltage lines are powerful enough to cause injury or death. All workers should be alerted to area hazards and signs should be posted.


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