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Overhead Power Line Safety

 When working on power lines, your main goal is to get the job done safely. When you are working on power lines, you are exposed to hazards. Hazards include high voltages, confined space work, working at heights, and working insurances. There is no room for complacency or carelessness for electrical safety. The hazards you could be exposed to are arc flashes, electrical shock, falls, and thermal burns that can cause injury and death. Every job site has power lines that you should be aware of. That is why it’s essential to understand power line safety. Always know your surroundings. 


Basics Power Line Safety: 

  • Lookout and lookup 
  • Use ladders that are fiberglass or non-conductive wooden  
  • No matter what the situation is treat every power line like it is hot 
  • Every day you must keep daily logs on the job site, being able to implement proper control measures and training to address hazards 
  • Space is the best insulator when it comes to power lines  
  • Electricity can jump gaps  
  • Only operate around overhead power lines or downed power lines if you are authorized and trained to do so 
  • Always have proper PPE on when you are around power lines. Proper PPE includes safety glasses, hard hats, insulated boots, rubber gloves with leather protectors, and flame-resistant clothing.  
  • To ensure that towers and poles can withstand the loads expected during equipment installation and removal, they may be braced if necessary
  • Know the proper lockout/tagout procedures from the standard 1910.269(d) 


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