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Monthly Safety Checklist- Livestock

Monthly safety checklist- Livestock


Market name:                                                                              Date:
Yes No N/A Fire extinguisher in kitchen charged/available
Yes No N/A Hood is clean from grease accumulation
Yes No N/A Grease filters are in place and are clean
Yes No N/A Auto extinguishing system has been inspected in last 6 months
Yes No N/A Other:
Yes No N/A Other:
Sales ring
Yes No N/A Doors operating properly
Yes No N/A Employees can see through doors to communicate
Yes No N/A “Safe areas” are adequate for size of ring, number and type of cattle
Yes No N/A Scale is operating properly and has been recently calibrated
Yes No N/A Rails are secure and in good condition
Yes No N/A Floor conditions are clean and provide adequate traction for livestock and employees
Yes No N/A Door blocks are used if employee positions himself at the end of the door to move
Yes No N/A Ring employees are using good cattle-handling techniques
Yes No N/A Other:
Public areas
Yes No N/A Catwalks are in good condition
Yes No N/A Catwalk side rails present and in good condition
Yes No N/A Stairs and steps have side rails in good condition
Yes No N/A Bleachers and seating areas in good condition
Yes No N/A Public is supervised when entering alleys and high-risk areas
Yes No N/A Parking lot well lit and free of walking hazards
Yes No N/A Other:
Yes No N/A Alleys and pen surfaces clean and free of obstacles and holes
Yes No N/A Fences in good repair
Yes No N/A Gates in good repair
Yes No N/A Gate blocks used in sorting alley
Yes No N/A Escape routes used behind gates
Yes No N/A Escape space available behind gates in high-risk areas
Yes No N/A Squeeze chutes in good repair
Yes No N/A Fire extinguishers distributed throughout and properly charged
Yes No N/A Other:
Sorting alley
Yes No N/A Adequate room to sort cattle
Yes No N/A Employees using sorting stick or paddle for sorting
Yes No N/A Employees using good sorting sense
Yes No N/A Escape route available in sorting alley
Yes No N/A Employees have appropriate footwear on
Yes No N/A Adequate number of employees being used to sort
Yes No N/A Employees doing a good job of reading cattle and assessing hazards
Yes No N/A Other:


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