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Jointer safety talk

Jointer safety talk

Jointers can be found in many woodworking shops. They are designed to flatten one face of a board as well as straightening or squaring panel edges to be glued together. To use the jointer the stock is placed on the infeed table and with the aid of a push block is pushed over the cutterhead and onto the outfeed table. The downward part of the board is cut flat with the top unaffected. This handy machine can also be one of the most dangerous in a woodworking shop. We will discuss how to stay safe while using a jointer.

Basic safety rules for jointers:

  • Always wear safety glasses to protect eyes from flying debris and wood particles
  • Know minimum measurements of wood and maximum depth of cut listed by the manufacturer that can be used on the jointer being worked on
  • Hands must never be less than six inches from the cutter head
  • Use a push block to feed wood through
  • Always cut edge grain or face grain and never end grain
  • Walk with the material as it is pushed through
  • Before gathering material from the end feed table ensure the guard is covering the cutter head and turn the machine off
  • Slow and steady feed speed should be used with a thin depth of cut to prevent kickback
  • Always position stock with the bowed side facing the blade
  • Never attempt to joint stock that is wider than the cutterhead
  • The outfeed table should never be adjusted and left level with the cutterhead
  • Ensure the machine is completely stopped and deenergized before dislodging wood or cleaning


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