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Haltering Safety Talk

Halter breaking can be initiated at different times such as when a foal is a week old or younger. It can also be introduced at weaning time. Starting early is the key when the horse is smaller and easier to manage.

Safe haltering tips for all age of horse:

  • Gain trust and build confidence by speaking quietly upon approach
  • Gently rub or pat the animal
  • Let the horse inspect and accept the halter before placing it on them
  • Approach at the left shoulder and move deliberately but calmly
  • Have the halter unbuckled and ready with the buckle and crownpiece in the left hand

Creating a calm and trusting environment is a critical part of successful haltering.

Haltering Procedures:

  • Place the noseband on the horses nose – avoid sliding the noseband and instead place it in the proper position as this can be a sensitive area for horses
  • Bring the buckle under the horses neck with the left arm
  • Reach over to take into the right hand and secure

Once the horse is familiar with haltering, it is a good idea to keep a lead rope attached to the bottom ring of the noseband. This allows for less movement around the horse’s face once the halter is in place.

Once haltered gently praise the horse with a pat or rub to reinforce the behavior.


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