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Flammable Liquids Safety Talk

Flammable liquids are those in your work area that will instantly ignite due to the vapor given off when opened. They have a flash point below 100 degrees and can cause an explosive reaction.

Approved Containers:

Flammable liquids must be stored in approved and labeled containers and in well-ventilated areas and away from heat or electrical spark sources. Safety cans created specifically for dispensing of flammable liquids should be used. “NO SMOKING” signs should be posted around the container area. Containers should be fire-proof with vapor screening and vapor-proof caps. All storage drums must be grounded when transferring from one to another as well as if the container will stay in a fixed location.

Fire Prevention:

Ensure fire extinguishers are placed appropriately around the facility and pathways to them are accessible. Extinguishers must be the correct type for the flammables nearby and inspected as required. Any material such as cloths soaked with flammable liquid should be stored in sealed designated containers.

Other Helpful Tips:

  • Always read the safety data sheet (SDS) for any flammable liquid used for specific information on its flash point and explosive limit ranges.
  • Only fill flammable containers 80% full to allow for expansion when liquid heats up.
  • Do not fill equipment with flammable liquid when running. Ensure the engine is turned off.
  • When working with flammable liquids always wear appropriate PPE.
  • Avoid mixing flammable liquids.
  • Know the company’s policy for discarding flammable liquid or material and do not pour down drains.


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