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Flagging Safety

Flaggers are very important members of the construction crew because they divert traffic away from the job site so that other workers can get the job done. They are required on construction sites where barricades and signs cannot effectively divert traffic. In high-speed areas or where aggressive drivers are present, this position can be extremely dangerous.   

In order to ensure a safe working environment on the roadside, there are several flagging safety tips you can follow: 

  • Attend flagging safety training on directing traffic, understanding work zone layouts, and responding to emergency vehicles. 
  • Ask your supervisor how to handle situations with particularly aggressive drivers. 
  • Wear a vest, shirt or jacket with highly visible colors—such as fluorescent orange, yellow or green. 
    • The clothing worn must be approved and according to your state standards.
  • Reflective clothing must be visible at a minimum distance of 1,000 feet.  
  • Wear a reflective hard hat, reflective long-sleeved shirt, and reflective long pants to protect against flying debris. 
  • Always stay alert to your surroundings. 
  • Stand on the shoulder visible to oncoming traffic – do not stand in the traffic lane. 
  • Establish a communication system with other flaggers and the rest of the crew to use in an emergency. 
  • Be courteous to motorists as you encounter them.  
  • Stand alone, do not mingle with other workers or the public.  
  • Make sure you are always visible to oncoming traffic.  
  • Do not respond to angry drivers. 
    • If a driver refuses to obey instructions do the following: 
      • Record a description of the car and circumstances  
        • The driver 
        • License plate  


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