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Fire and explosions safety talk

Fire and explosions safety talk

Oil and gas workers are at risk for fire and explosion due to the presence of flammable gas and vapors. Various flammable gases and vapors can be present on-site during worksite activities including at wells, while performing production services and work involving various tank operations to name a few. There are also many ignition sources that should be considered including static electricity, electrical causes, open flame sources, lightning, smoking, hot work etc.

Steps to prevent an unwanted ignition source from being present and to prevent fire and explosion on the worksite:

  • Know company safety policies and procedures and follow them during any work around flammable gases and vapors.
  • Perform a JSA before beginning any job that has these types of hazards. Ensure that each effected employee is involved in this process and understands and follows the steps laid out.
  • Know the hazards employees are working around. Hazard communication training should be performed prior to any work beginning. It should be specific to content and hazards being faced.
  • If performing hot work, ensure a hot work permit in place. This will ensure conditions and safety equipment onsite are adequate and that it is safe to begin work.
  • Be knowledgeable of and remove potential ignition sources such as cell phones, open flame sources, tools with potential to spark.
  • Use required personal protective equipment when working around flammable gases and vapors such as flame-resistant clothing and gas detection monitors.

Pay attention to any alarm, know their meaning, and act quickly when sounded.



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