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Cutting Tool Safety Talk

Box knives, scissors, or knives are used to perform various tasks, such as opening boxes, or packages. When using a cutting tool, following these safety practices will prevent lacerations:  

  • Handle, use, and store knives and sharp utensils safely. 
  • Cut in the direction away from the body. 
  • Keep fingers and thumbs out of the way of the cutting line. 
  • Utilize protective clothing provided by employers, such as steel mesh or Kevlar gloves. 
  • Use a box knife or cutting tool for its intended purpose. 
  • Have a designated storage area for cutting tools when not in use. Box knives should be stored with blades covered.  
  • In kitchen areas, install knife holders on worktables to prevent injuries.  
  • If a cutting tool is dropped or falling, let it fall. Do not try to catch it.  
  • When carrying sharp objects, always point downward and away from your body. 
  • Do not touch blades. 
  • Avoid placing sharp objects near the edge of countertops. 
  • When using a knife, do not talk to customers or coworkers. If interrupted, stop, and place the cutting tool down on a secure surface. Do not cut while distracted.  


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