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Cutting and tear off equipment in commercial roofing safety talk

Cutting and tear off equipment commercial roofing safety talk

There are many options for cutting and tear off equipment for commercial roofing. Some options are manual, and others are powered equipment. Using power equipment can prevent unnecessary strain and musculoskeletal disorders. However, special precaution must be taken when using this equipment to ensure workers’ safety.

Powered cutting and tear off equipment safety:

  • The operator’s manual should be reviewed and followed for the specific piece of equipment being used
  • Equipment should be inspected before each use
  • Only employees who have the correct instruction and authorization to do so, should operate equipment
  • All employees not operating equipment should stay clear and within view of the operator; employees should not walk in front of the equipment while in operation
  • All guards and pins should be kept in place
    • Most cutting and tear off machines are not equipped with interlocks (shut off mechanisms) to stop the blade from turning when the guard is removed
  • Inspect cutter and tear off blades for condition and secureness
  • Keep hands away from blades and drive belts while in operation
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment including safety footwear, dust masks, safety glasses, and hearing protection
  • Reduce dust by wetting the work area before beginning
  • Operator should never work between equipment and roof edge
  • Keep both hand on equipment during operation
  • Do not attempt to refuel machinery while running and shut equipment off if leaving unattended

Operators should be familiar with the cutoff switch on equipment for quick access


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