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Commercial Deep Fryer Safety Tips

It is common to find deep fryers in commercial kitchens, convenience stores, and schools because it provides a quick, easy, and tasty method of preparing food. If not used properly, the fryer can create hazards due to the high temperatures and grease popping when food is submerged. Here are a few helpful safety tips when using a deep fryer.

*Always abide by the manufacturer’s safe operating procedures.

*Place non-slip floor mats around the work area to prevent slippery floors.

*Wear non-slip closed -toed -heel shoes.

*Keep safety equipment nearby for easy access. Supplies should include a class K fire extinguisher, potholders, steam -resistant gloves, or oven mitts.

*Keep refill supplies such as oil close by the fryer for easy access.

* Establish a regular cleaning schedule to keep the fryer in good working order.  The equipment should be cleaned in the morning before liquids have been heated.

*Avoid overfilling the fryer to prevent grease splashing.

*Drop batches of food into the fryer slowly to prevent grease splatter. Quickly dropping food causes more popping.

*Choose quality oils to use in the fryer. Review the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine the best oil to use.

*Use long -handled tongs to remove foods from the fryer.

*Abide by the preventive maintenance schedule as outlined by the product manufacturer.

When new employees start work, they should be trained on the importance of safe use and operations of commercial fryers. Keeping employees trained and informed of expectations will prevent injuries from occurring.


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