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Caught in safety tips for dump trucks safety talk

Caught in safety tips for dump trucks safety talk

Unintentional lowering of a truck body can cause severe injury and even fatality. Additionally, there are potential pinch points with gates and latches. Injuries can result from not using safety devices, using safety devices that are in poor condition or using improper safety devices for the tasks.

Caught in hazards related to dump trucks:

  • Possible pinch point
  • Potential for being struck by equipment
  • Crushing and amputation hazard present

Safe work practices:

  • Do regular inspection and maintenance of parts effecting hazardous areas including:
    • Hinge pins
    • Bushings
    • Hoist cylinder
    • Structural arms
    • Hydraulic hoists (hoses, valves and rings)
    • Lift arm support
  • Avoid leaving the truck box in the air, putting excess wear on hydraulic equipment
  • Always ensure the truck is blocked with an approved device before accessing the area between the truck and bed
  • Do any necessary repairs to hydraulic lift cylinders promptly
  • When possible do repair work with dump bodies lowered
  • Ensure all structural arms are in place and any securement devices
  • If the truck is determined as damaged or defective take it out of service immediately


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