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Band Saw Safety Talk

Band Saw Safety Talk

Band saws operate by rotating a long band of steel guided by two large wheels. One of the wheels spins freely, and one is belt driven off the motor. The machine has belt guides that can adjust to expose only the blade part used.

While this equipment is prevalent in many shops, it can pose significant laceration and amputation risks. A portion of the blade is constantly exposed on this equipment when in use, and appropriate safety measures must be taken.

Machine operation safety:

  • Keep wheel doors closed and locked while the machine is on
  • Ensure the machine has the right blade with proper thickness for the material being cut
  • Never back material out of the cut; turn the machine off and wait for it to stop before removing material
  • Do not clear debris or dust from the machine until it has come to a complete stop and has been unplugged
  • If the machine starts making unknown noises, shut it off, lock it out and inspect the blade for cracking before proceeding

Other safety considerations:

  • Always wear safety glasses while operating a bandsaw
  • Use material that is flat and straight
  • Avoid distractions while operating the machine


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