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Back Safety: Childcare Safety Talk

Back Safety Childcare Safety Talk

Back injuries are common in many industries including childcare. In a daycare setting when injuries occur, it disturbs the everyday routine for the caretaker, the staff and the children.

You can avoid back injuries by following a few simple tips:
– If sitting for prolonged periods is necessary, lean against a wall for back support
– Move around and change positions often; refrain from sitting or standing for extended periods of time
– Store items where you can easily reach them
– When bending over, squat down bending your knees. Do not bend at your waist
– Get a firm grasp of items before lifting
– When lifting objects, do not twist; turn your feet in the direction you are walking
– Slow down, do not hurry to accomplish your task
– Ask for help if an object is too heavy or bulky to lift alone
– As much as possible, use material handling aids such as carts or dollies to move items
– Do not allow children to help you move materials
– Have children pick up toys and store them away after use
– Always use carts to transport food trays
– Maintain your health by eating right, exercising, and getting enough rest


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