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Avoiding Cuts in the Kitchen Safety Talk

Avoiding cuts in the kitchen safety talk

Cuts are an unavoidable risk in the kitchen. However, there are practices and procedures that can keep employees safe while using knives and slicing equipment to do their jobs.

Tips to prevent cuts:

  • Always sharpen knife blades. Dull blades may cause the worker to put unnecessary pressure to cut and cause a slip.
  • When cutting with a knife, always cut away from yourself.
  • Always cut against a solid stable surface.
  • Curl fingers under and away from the cutting edge and knife blade when slicing.
  • Ensure cutting board being used is secured in place or has a grip on the bottom to keep in place.
  • Knives should be kept in a proper knife storage unit that is secured to a wall or surface.
  • Never throw dirty knives into a sink where they could be camouflaged by other dishes or soap.
  • Any electric slicers should have appropriate guarding in place.
  • When slicing meat or bulk produce, wear cut resistant gloves.
  • When slicing and mincing do not get in a hurry.


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