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Angle Grinder Safety Talk

Angle grinder safety talk

Angle grinders can also be called disc grinders. They are a handheld power tool used for cutting, deburring, grinding and polishing. Angle grinders are used across many industries including metal fabrication and carpentry. While versatile and easy to use, these tools involve a high-speed spinning wheel contacting material causing debris and sparks close to the user’s hands, body and face.

Angle grinder safety tips:

  • There are various wheels including cutting, grinding etc.; choose the correct wheel for the job
  • Be aware of the RPM rating on the disc; it must be higher than the rating of the grinder
  • Protective guards should be kept in place and not tampered with or pinned back
  • Adjust guarding to deflect flying particles away from the user
  • Do not customize or add anything to the angle grinder unless specified by the manufacturer
  • Replace a disc when worn or defective and inspect for any flaws before each use
  • Warm up and run the grinder for one minute before use to listen and look for any issues
  • Do not grind from the side of a wheel
  • Always use two hands while operating an angle grinder to keep control
  • Ensure disc is properly tightened with specific tightening pin and not done too loose or tight
  • Maintain good balance and footing while using an angle grinder
  • Do not carry grinder with finger on the switch or by the cord

Personal protective equipment to be used when operating an angle grinder:

  • Eye protection such as safety glasses, goggles or face shield should be worn
  • Hearing protection
  • Leather gloves with a good fit to allow for dexterity
  • Clothing made of natural fibers
  • Protective apron
  • Depending on the material being worked on, respiratory protection may be required
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing and jewelry and tie back long hair

Angle grinders can create sparks and should not be used around combustible material. Attain a hot work permit where necessary.


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